How to apply for MOH Exam Licence - General Guidelines

Healthcare professionals who seek to work in UAE must pass the qualifying MOH(Ministry of Health) exam to get the license/permit to keep practicing in UAE. This license allows you to work in 5 emirates of United Arab Emirates except for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Being in the industry for more than 11 years, here is some useful information on preparing the individual application and study materials that you can follow to pass the MOH exam. You might want to get started right away. But there's few more steps you need to take before you put your documents. You may feel like this will be annoying, but it's important to realize that the right preparation helps your MOH Exam Preparation smooth and easy.  Let's have a look!
  • MOH Exam Registration
  • MOH Dataflow
  • MOH Exam
  • Prometric MOH exam preparation
  • Why Prometric Gulf - 8 Reasons

1. MOH Exam Registration
You can visit the moh website and create a Profile under the professional license. Unlike DHA or Haad(DoH), MOH has a panel of professionals who verify your documents manually. They will assign an account manager for you, and they will approve or reject your application. You can log in to the MOH website and see the status of your application. If the application is rejected, they will specify the reason. Mostly it happens because of not uploading the proper documents or any typing errors while you fill the application online. You can rectify it and reapply. They usually take two to four weeks to verify. After approval of your application, they will send an email suggesting you to proceed with the Dataflow verification.

2. MOH Dataflow Process
Once the application is approved, you will get a notification in your email. If there is any discrepancy, also you will get notified. You can reply to their mail with your concerns with support documents or details. 

After the approval from the ministry, you can proceed with the Dataflow. Dataflow is an international organization conducting certificate verification on behalf of many organizations, including MOH UAE. They generally take 30-40 days for verification. Sometimes this duration may be extended if your certificate issue authority makes any delay for responding to them.
Once they provide you the Positive Dataflow report, you can proceed with booking the exam date.

3. MOH Exam
When you've completed the first two steps of the Exam registration process, it's time to book your Oral/Prometric Exam. Proceed with the Dataflow report; you can log in to the Prometric website and book your exam according to the available slots. You can choose an exam center from more than 160 countries.

4.  Prometric MOH Exam Preparation

And we know this part can be hard, especially finding the right materials to study. Our advice is for you to start learning by step by step. MOH exam doesn't just measure what you know -- they also test how well you perform in any situation. Prometric conducts exams under high-security standards. Cheating on exams or copying is not at all possible. You need a proper learning method to crack these exams. There we are here to help you with updated questions with correct answers and explanations. And the Essential part is MOCK Exams. You can attend our mock exams like the real Prometric Exam. You can attend unlimited exams and prepare for yourself to get passed on the first attempt. This will determine which area you need to focus. Practice exam questions all the topics covered on the real exam are in the right proportion, as outlined in the Prometric exam guidelines. You should take the time to carefully learn all topics wise questions which contain the explanations.  Now that you know what to study and how to prepare for the upcoming Prometric Exam.

5. Why Prometric Gulf - 8 Reasons
1. We are more than 15 years of experience in the medical industry so that we can give you the proper guidelines as well as the best materials to pass the exam.
2. All our MCQ Packages updated regularly.
3. Questions have Correct answers with Explanations.
4. Mock Exams on each level so that you can practice like the real exam.
5. Each time you get a score in the mock exam, you can realize yourself that where you are standing and which area to concentrate more.
6. Our Package designed in a way that you cannot skip any questions without answering. This will help you to learn thoroughly. You need to attend each session of questions and answer it to unlock the MOCK EXAM.
7. You will have the option to REPORT any questions - If you feel that the answer is not correct or any other issue, you can report and our R&D Team of Doctors will verify it.
8. When you reach the end of the package, you can RESET and start the learning process again.

Before buying any exam preparation material, you should ask ;
     1.      MCQs are updated or not?     2.      All topics covered?     3.      Do MCQs have explanations?     4.      A simulation like a real exam?

If you are getting a positive answer, you can choose that material because we know what is changing from time to time for these exams in gulf countries. Our professional R&D team is updated with it. You can easily pass these exams with the proper preparation.
So pack yourself and get your MCQ Package and start preparing. ….Good Luck